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company news about Notes for Using Shearing Machine

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Company News
Notes for Using Shearing Machine
Latest company news about Notes for Using Shearing Machine

The shearing machine is a machine in which one blade reciprocates the linear motion of cutting plate with another blade.

By means of moving upper blade and fixed lower blade, reasonable blade clearance is adopted to apply shear force to metal plate of various thickness, so that the plate can be broken and separated according to the required size.

Shearing machine belongs to one kind of forging and pressing machine, its main function is metal processing industry.

The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, ships, automobiles, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.


After cutting, the shearing machine should be able to guarantee the straightness and straightness of the shearing surface of the sheared sheet metal and minimize the distortion of the sheet metal to obtain high quality workpieces.

The upper blade of the cutter is fixed on the tool holder and the lower blade is fixed on the working table.

A supporting ball is installed on the worktable so that the plate can slide over it without being scratched.

The rear baffle is used for plate positioning, and the position is regulated by the motor.

The press cylinder is used to compress the sheet material to prevent it from moving during cutting.

Guardrails are safety devices to prevent industrial accidents.

The return journey usually depends on nitrogen, the speed is fast, the impact is small.


Notes for use:

1. Start the plate cutting machine and make some idle cycles to ensure that under normal circumstances, the sheet materials with different thickness can be cut from thin to thick.

To ensure that the user is familiar with the cutting machine performance.


2. The clearance of different blade must be adjusted for different plate thickness during the test cutting.

If the corresponding blade clearance is not adjusted, the durability of the blade will be affected.


3. The pressure gauge switch is opened in the shearing process of the plate shears to observe the oil pressure value. The pressure of the 12mm board shears should be less than 20MPa.

This remote pressure-regulating valve No9, the pressure is set at 20-22mpa at the time of delivery, the user must comply with this regulation, and shall not increase the pressure for the material surface of the over-specified shear, causing damage to the machine.


4. Sound balance during operation.

If there is any noise in the board shears, stop and check.


5. During the operation of the plate shears, when the fuel tank temperature is raised less than 60 degrees, it will shut down and rest.



1. Operate in strict accordance with operating rules;

2. Add lubricating oil regularly, fixed point and quantitatively according to the requirements of the lubrication chart before starting the machine, and the oil shall be clean without precipitation;

3. The machine tool must be kept clean frequently and the unpainted part of the anti-rust grease;

4. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing shall be regularly replaced and filled, and the normal and safe operation of the electrical part shall be regularly checked;

5. Regularly check whether the triangle belt, handle, knob and key are damaged, and replace them in time if the wear is serious, and report to spare parts for supplement;

6. Regularly check and repair switches, insurance and handles to ensure their reliability;

7. Lubricate and scrub the machine tool ten minutes before the end of work every day;

8. It is strictly prohibited for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment.


Technical requirements:

Shearing machine is a kind of shearing equipment which is widely used in machining. It can shear steel plate materials of various thickness.

The commonly used shears can be divided into flat shears, rolling shears and vibration shears.

The flat shears are in great use.

Shearing machines with a thickness less than 10mm are mostly driven by machinery, while those with a thickness greater than 10mm are driven by hydraulic force.

Single or continuous cutting of metal is usually carried out by pedal or button manipulation.


When operating the plate shears, attention should be paid to:

1. Carefully check whether all parts of the shearing machine are normal, whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, and whether the lubricating system is unimpeded before work;

Remove debris such as tools, measuring tools, etc., and corner waste from the countertop and surrounding areas.

2. Do not operate the shearing machine by one person alone. 2-3 people shall coordinate to deliver the materials, control the dimensional accuracy and take the materials, etc., and confirm that one person shall give unified command.

3. The scissor clearance of the shearing machine should be adjusted according to the specified thickness of the shearing plate.

It is forbidden to cut two kinds of sheet materials of different specifications and materials at the same time.

No laminated cutting.

The sheared sheet material requires a flat surface and is not allowed to shear narrow sheets that cannot be pressed tightly.

4. The belt, flywheel, gear and shaft of the shearing machine must be equipped with protective cover.

5. The feed finger of the cutter should be kept at least 200mm away from the scissors mouth and away from the pressing device.

A protective fence placed on the trigger shears cannot block the operator's eyes from seeing the cut.

The wastes generated after the operation have edges and corners. The operator should remove them in time to avoid being stabbed and cut.

6. Protective cover shall be provided for the flywheel, gear, shaft, tape and other moving parts of the shearing machine.

7. Place the fence to prevent the operator's hand from entering the area where the scissors fell.

It is strictly prohibited to pick up the waste on the ground in order to avoid being hurt by the falling workpiece.

8. Do not cut and quench the material over the fire, and do not allow cutting beyond the working capacity of the cutting machine.

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